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TutoringEZ has come a far ways from what it once was and is now seeking to support teachers in many ways, shapes, and forms. As you dive into your first couple of years of teaching, you will find that some teachers make it look easier than others and that your drive to teach will be tested by many obstacles. As a kind reminder we are a company centered around educational success and our practices and suggestions are based solely on the suggestions of teachers alike. We find that the best teachers are not discovered by chance, but are developed through the ingenuity of each other.

Hopes and Dreams

Teachers should expand their wealth of knowledge every day and learn something new before the end of each day. While a seasoned teacher may boast certain expertise or knowledge, they may also find that a fresh pair of eyes can see what they do not (you!).

As always

Your job did not begin the day you wrote your first lesson plan or the first day of recess or the first day you taught. Your job began the moment you decided to become a teacher and in doing so, the path for you had begun and moving forward, your persistence, degree of joy, and passion for teaching is what got you to this moment.

We pray a blessing that you're teaching expertise may continue to improve forever and that you will not lean on yourself for understanding but collectively as a united team learn and grow through the rainbows and storms.

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