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About TutoringEZ

Tutoring EZ was created in 2019 with the idea of helping future teachers and making the
certification process that much easier for them. Since then, we have become so much more.

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Welcome Teachers!

If you are on the journey to becoming a fully certified teacher and not sure where to begin studying, you are in the right place. TutoringEZ has become a refuge for teachers who are overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated with the complexities to passing the certification exams.

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We recognize the teacher shortage and continue to work on making the process of becoming a teacher easier and easier so we can get the next generation the education they deserve. We have grown from a small company of only helping other elementary school teachers in Texas, to expanding to 40+ states helping teachers across the country.

Meet The Owners

Where Teachers Once Began

James Owings

James began TutoringEZ by helping his colleagues pass the current certification exams. Riddled with the question "what resources actually help teachers succeed on these exams", he began working on his own study materials. He worked quietly but quickly during his final semesters the University putting together videos and slide shows which started it all! James is always working on improving the bundles listening to feedback and suggestions from fellow teachers. He has successfully helped over 9000 teachers pass their certification exams with more teachers passing each week.

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Evan Courtney

Evan was brought on in the spring of 2023 as Partner and Chief Operations Officer to lead product innovation and company expansion. He comes from a background in project
management and small business development. He loved what he saw when he was introduced to the company and quickly saw the potential in how many new teachers TutoringEZ could
help. He is excitedly working on our new product development in addition to spearheading our expansion efforts. We hope to see his efforts shine in all of the new products we roll out!

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