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391 Practice
Tests for each subject

All practice tests are available to print upon purchase!

Why Choose Us?

Our practice tests are competency specific. That's right, we don't exaggerate or have meaningless questions. The questions are also divided by competency so you know what type of questions to expect on the test!


Dive into the English practice tests and learn about how oral language is taught and how to successfully teach ELAR to any grade!

Social Studies

Start a journey with us as we explore the reasons behind our countries most important events. We reckon you'll always find something new to learn when quizzing yourself on history!

Fine Arts

Fine arts health and PE is all about music, art, and living life as a kid! Well, responsibly speaking. That's why we know you definitely need a refresher on the fine arts section. 


Risk it all as you tackle the 18 competencies that make up science with elementary learning and see how much you might remember from those experiments back in 5th grade!


Critical thinkers welcome to your new home! This will be a tough cookie to unpack but with our practice tests, we know you can feel more prepared for the mathematical mysteries in elementary.

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