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391 Texas Core Subjects

The core subjects is a broken down process and explores each subject to a certain degree. Learn about how to read music notes, explore the history of what made Texas great, breakdown problem solving, experiment with solids liquids and gases, comprehend English and explore new ways to teach meaningful text, and so much more!

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English is not just about comprehending verbs and nouns, its about identifying ways to teach more effectively English in our daily life. Learn about the building blocks that make up the English like phonemes and semantics and along the way discover the writing process, figurative language, and so forth.



Throw what you know about math out the window. The math test is not about 4x5 or 100 pennies minus 5. Its about breaking down problems, solving real world problems, and finding solutions to problems. Learn how to solve percentages, teach fractions, and provide manipulative for all ages in your math studies.

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Social Studies

Dates and years plague the minds of those who experienced the old style of teaching social studies. Come and experience the moments that changed history and comprehend what makes up the government, economics, and geography. Don't be shy social studies is a dream many have yet to experience!



Some know science to be a safe place to learn something new and others barely remember any of it. Science is more than just memorizing cellular parts. Its explaining things like food webs, layers of the earth, the 9 planets, and so much more. Learn the words, see the impact of the scientific language and you will forever be changed by the beauty of God's creation.

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Fine Arts

If you are not a musician, you are not alone. I also do not look at fine arts as a joyous topic. Nonetheless, being able to bring art music and theatre into lesson plans unlocks a special place for students. Learn all that you can about simple plays, study different ways to make art, and give your voice a chance to change the lives of kids regardless of their age. They will thank you!

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