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EC-6 391 Math Practice Questions + Tips #1


The EC-6 391 math exam may include questions related to estimations. Estimation is a practical skill used in everyday life. By incorporating estimations in math education, students can apply these skills to real-world situations, such as estimating quantities, costs, distances, and time. Estimations also allow students to make rapid calculations and solve problems efficiently. Instead of relying on exact computations, they can use estimations to simplify complex calculations and arrive at reasonable solutions more quickly.

Here are some estimation topics that could be asked on the EC-6 391:

Rounding Numbers: Questions may ask you to round numbers to the nearest whole number, tenth, or hundredth.

  • This skill is essential for making quick estimates.

  • Ex: Round 47 to the nearest ten: Answer: 50

Estimating Sums, Differences, Products, and Quotients: You might be asked to estimate the result of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems.

  • For example, you may need to estimate the sum of two numbers or estimate the product of a multiplication problem.

  • Ex: Jane is planning a party and needs to buy party hats. Each pack of party hats costs $5, and Jane estimates she will need around 12 packs. Approximately how much money will Jane spend on party hats?

Estimating Measurement: Questions may involve estimating lengths, weights, capacities, or other measurements using benchmark numbers.

  • You might be asked to estimate the length of an object using inches or centimeters or estimate the weight of an object using pounds or kilograms.

  • Ex: Sarah is planning a picnic and wants to buy a tablecloth. She estimates that the length of the picnic table is about 6 feet. How long should the tablecloth be to cover the table?

Estimating Time: Questions may require you to estimate durations or time intervals.

  • For instance, you might need to estimate the time it takes to complete a task or estimate the duration of an event or activity.

  • Ex: Jenny is participating in a swim meet. She estimates that it takes her about 45 minutes to swim 10 laps. If her race is scheduled to start at 9:00 AM, approximately when should she start warming up?

Estimating Solutions to Word Problems: Some word problems may require you to estimate the solution instead of providing an exact answer.

  • You may need to analyze the problem, identify key information, and make reasonable estimates to arrive at a solution.

  • Ex: The school is organizing a field day, and the teacher estimates that each student will need about 1.5 bottles of water during the activities. If there are 30 students participating, approximately how many bottles of water should be prepared?


Practice Question #1

A school is organizing a field trip to a local amusement park. The total number of students attending the field trip is 153. The school wants to estimate the total cost of tickets for all the students. The regular admission ticket price for students is $24. However, the amusement park offers a group discount for school trips. The group discount is 12% off the regular admission ticket price.

Using estimation techniques, estimate the total cost of tickets for all the students attending the field trip, taking into account the group discount.

A) $2,500

B) $3,000

C) $3,500

D) $4,000

Math Process: Estimating doesn't check for precise answers. Always round up your answer and choose friendly numbers such as whole numbers. Your answer should reflect a close-to-precise answer.

Correct Answer - B) $3,000

Practice Question #2 A garden center is having a sale on potted plants. The manager estimates that each row of display shelves can hold around 15 potted plants. The garden center has a total of 6 rows of display shelves. The manager wants to estimate the maximum number of potted plants they can display during the sale.

Using estimation techniques, estimate the maximum number of potted plants the garden center can display during the sale. Round your answer to the nearest ten.

Answer choices:

A) 50 potted plants

B) 80 potted plants

C) 90 potted plants

D) 100 potted plants

Correct answer:

C) 90 potted plants

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