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We hope you enjoy the freebie EC-6 391 Social Studies WorkShop Video

Need a full 391 coverage review? Use code "TutoringEZ10" for 10% off your purchase. Bundle purchases stay active for 1 year!

Available until September 17th 11:59 PM EST.


90 Minute Video Coverage

Cover content for social studies including competency 005 government and citizenship, competency 002 history, and more. This video alone is not sufficient for preparing for the EC-6 391 alone. But is a great way to review plenty of content in a EZ and quick fashion.


Practice Questions

Each workshop video includes practice questions that we not only answer together, but we give reasonable explanations backed up by information provided throughout the workshop.


How To Study Social Studies

Study social studies by combining our flashcards with our videos. Test your comprehension of key topics by using the flashcards to test your understanding while also using the videos as a visual guide to explore questions you may have. On a time crunch? No worries, we also include study slides that can be reviewed on the go or comfortably from your computer. After you're done preparing, take one of our printable practice tests as an additional step to see if you're ready!  

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