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Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test


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BTLPT 190 Bundle

What Are We Providing?

The BTLPT 190 Bundle is a key step for many teachers at all levels of education. Our BTLPT bundle provides teachers with a study course providing practice, exposure, and awareness of what to expect on the actual exam. Our study course is carefully crafted to provide a breakdown of each domain within the BTLPT along with a collection of videos and printable vocabulary flashcards to be ready to take the actual exam!

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  • BTLPT 190 Bundle

    Every year
    Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test 190
    • Domain 1 - Listening Comprehension
    • Domain 2 - Reading Comprehension
    • Domain 3 - Writing Comprehension
    • Domain 4 - Speaking Comprehension
    • 4 complete audio recordings + 17 total practice questions
    • 2 simulated conversations + Sample Responses
    • 2 Scenario Response + Sample Responses
    • 3 Opinion/Position Response + Sample Responses
    • 1 Memo Task + Scored Responses
    • 5 Lesson Plan Examples
    • 2 Position Essay Prompt + Scored Responses
    • 5 Articles/Passages + 35 total practice questions
    • Printable Vocabulary Practice Flashcards
    • Certificate of Completion

Bundles renew each year until cancelled. In order to cancel a bundle, you can do so under "active bundles/billing" under your user menu where "future teacher login" is located.

What's Included?

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