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Our Bundles

All of our services are digital and bring a breakthrough in the educational world of studying for certifications. We offer content specific coverage with competency enriched information. All of the content we provide is based on the information provided at TEA and our study information is presented by James Owings.

The 391 bundle is enriched with 10+ hours of video footage covering each subject, supplying practice questions within the video workshops, 650+ flashcards, and a study course to go over the information presented in the videos!

The STR bundle is all about reading! Learn about fluency, word recognition, and differentiations/strategies to successfully conquer the STR test including a video over the CRQ. 4 hours of video content, printable flashcards, and a study course is also included.

The PPR bundle provides a deep coverage of each domain and presents key facts and concepts to help comprehend the educational experience all students face. Discover more about children and teachers in the 4 hours of covered content with a study course provided and printable flashcards

The SPED bundle includes a full comprehensive overview of the SPED 161 test. The bundle includes a video based guide, online study course, and printable flashcards for use in your studies

What Our Clients Say


Desiree Plumlee Varga

Thank you James Owings! I studied your content for 27 days and passed first try!!

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