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Music Class

391 Bundle Videos

EZ to follow and EZ to learn!




Video Guide

Content Videos

Goes over strictly content. Every subject except math goes over the content specific to the competency. Whereas math we spend nearly all our time focusing on practice questions. The content videos will guide you through the topics that need to be studied and narrow down what you can avoid studying to optimize learning.

Workshop Videos

Goes over a combination of content and practice questions. You'll find that some of the practice questions will even align with the content discussed. These videos are crucial to review as they offer you a chance to quiz yourself before the practice questions are answered.

Practice Question Vids

Some of our free 391 videos should not be ignored. They are free because we want everyone to be able to learn regardless of if they paid for the bundle or not! The free practice question videos go over various practice questions for each subject. We have 3 practice question videos that can be watched.

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